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In regards to commercial plumbing and heating, this is something our company has always had a great involvement in since day one. over the many years we have been working in schools, factories and offices we have come to understand the specific needs for commercial works and the great and important differences between this and Domestic work.

We find that there is a general great misunderstanding of Commercial requirements. Commercial work although may involve Hot & Cold water systems or general heating there are many more important factors to consider like,

  • Who is responsible for the maintenance of the on site services and equipment, there is almost always a duty holder who job or is responsible to ensure that the site services and equipment is maintained, safe and meets current Legislation.
  • The constant change in Legislation through specific training, and attending courses to ensure that we exceed in our on site knowledge.
  •  Having, Using and Relaying the correct documentation to the client ensuring that as much has been done to pass over the correct and current information about your systems.

With this in mind we have now for over the last 12 months gone over to paperless Certificates and Service Records which not only is Greener for the Environment but ensures that the client customer can have as many copies of the documents to as many people that may require a copy. Another factor is that the documents are always current and up to date so there is no chance of the incorrect document being used.

GB162 Cascade Gas fired Powrmatic

Regards to Commercial Plant Equipment we are very familiar with all plant and systems, but please feel free to contact us should you have any specific requirements or just need general advice as were always here to help if we can.

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