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Natural gas for heating and hot water is the most common form of fuel usWorcestered to date.

Natural gas heating and hot water systems installed correctly and maintained properly are very safe systems as long as the system are treated with respect.

Weather your system has been installed by us or another company regular maintenance is very important. You should regularly check around your appliance and look for any unusual marks or signs of distress and if anything unusual is spotted contact us straight away and we can carry out inspection and advise of any works needed to repair the appliance or system.

In general any boiler over 10 years old is in need of change. The new Worcester Bosch range of boilers are over 90% efficient and that could save you up to 30% on running costs and help save your impact on the environment.

Gas Safe Register

If you notice a smell and you think it is gas do not turn on or off any electrical switches and call 0800 111999 and tell the operator that you can smell gas then carry out there instructions over the phone. If it is found that you have a leak and it is the gas meter or the gas suppliers equipment the gas supplier will repair and leave you safe, but they might not reinstate any gas appliances and they will ask you to contact a Gas Safe registered company like ourselves. If the gas leek is on one of your appliances or the gas outlet pipe work feeding your appliances they will cap off your gas supply and again ask you to  contact a Gas Safe registered company like ourselves.

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