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OIL Tanks & Storage can be easily underestimated due to the regulations being very complicated and the ease of purchasing them can lead to tank installs being at a very high risk to the user and the Enviroment.

Farms, offices, factories and any other commercial properties come under different rules and regulations for the types and positions of oil fuel tanks either for heating or plant equipment. Due to the complexity of the rules any advice needed to be offered would require a site visit first to ensure that the advice offered meets the needs of the site.

Domestic fuel storage tanks still have very strickd rules and regulations that must be followed, but the accesement for the feasibility of the fitment of the storage tanks can also lead to a domestic property being classed as a commercial property adding to the complexity of the fit.

With this in mind ensuring that the company you choose to have your tank installation designed and installed is very important so don’t leave it to chance, contact us today and use a company that can ensure your new installation meets and exceeds current ledgesation.

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