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As part of the commitment made by our company we understand we have a statutory duty as an employer to ensure that we provide a reasonable and practical the health and safety policy for our employees whilst at work.

The aim of our policy:

To ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of all employees whilst at work.

To comply with all relevant health and safety legislation, regulations and codes of practice.

To provide safe and healthy conditions of work, plant and systems.

The Company has a responsibility to:

  • To work towards the achievement of these policies
  • To provide appropriate training, advice, protective clothing, equipment and documentation as is necessary or advisable.
  • To carry out assessments of risk and endeavour to reduce or eliminate these.
  • To provide written systems of work for all and any procedures which are exposed to hazard.
  • To record notification of hazards and accidents and incorporate improvements suggested as a result of investigations conducted as soon as possible.

Managers have a responsibility:

  • To be responsible for the implementation of the safety policy as far as the department for which they are responsible.
  • To be responsible for the safety of all staff working in their department or under their control.
  • To ensure, that in the event of an accident, that prompt first aid is administered and that the circumstances of the incident are investigated and reported on and any recommendations are implemented.
  • To ensure protective clothing / equipment is used at all times where and when necessary.
  • To ensure that employees are conversant with the accident / hazard reporting procedure and that notification is passed to the relevant person.

Employees have a responsibility:

  • To make themselves familiar with and adhere to safety procedures, including the Fire Alarm and evacuation routes.
  • To wear protective clothing / equipment at all times as and when necessary and report defects in such to the supervisor.
  • To co-operate with the company at all times on matters of safety.
  • To report all accidents / incidents to a supervisor.