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General Plumbing can range from water tap repairs to pipe repairs or washing machine and dish washer installations. 

All plumbing jobs still require skill to complete correctly so that you can rest assured that the work will last for many years.

Another key factor is the materials and fittings used. Cheap fittings might make the work required cheaper on the outset but why cut corners when spending that little extra you can massively increase the life expectancy of the works carried out.

With having  so many years of experience under our belt we have had the chance to see certain materials come on to the market and fail, but also seen new materials come to excel and sometimes out last or perform the costing materials being used.

Just as an quick insight to what we would call General Plumbing see the brief list below.

  • Tap washer repairs or full tap replacements
  • Waste / soil repairs or alterations
  • Out side taps or simple (or complicated) irrigation systems
  • Float valves and water storage tank repairs or replacements
  • Kitchen, Bathroom, Utility and connected appliance repairs
  • Gutters, down spouts and gutter boxes, repairs and replacements
  • Radiator moving or replacements
  • TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valve) replacement or installations

I there are any specific requirements we have not mentioned above please contact us for further details.

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