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Mainenance is a key factor to ensuring your Heating System, Water Systems and Utilities are kept Clean, Safe and efficient as possible. 

The old saying goes “Prevention is better than the Cure” so having your system / system’s regularly checked promotes the chance of a good clean and heathy system.

Ignoring regular maintenance can increase the chance of system or component failure decreasing the life span of the system and increasing breakdowns and call out which not only cost you un-necessary, unexpected costs but also can be at the most inconvenient time of day or year. Properly the worst time of year to use as an example would be Christmas or New Years Eve this would be very inconvenient.

This all being said having regular maintenance does not completely remove all the risks of system or component failure but does reduce the risk.

Servicing your appliance or system should always be carri d out with a company or engineer with the relevant experience and qualifications to carry out the task at hand, but a point which is very important is that the “Manufactures Instructions” are very clear on the frequency and specifics on when and how the maintenance should be carried out.

You can contact us if you want your Boiler, System or appliance servicing and the office will agree a date and time slot for our call to your property.  Due to the nature of the job, time slots cannot be specific as the time allowed for work and jobs previous to your call or even sometimes the day before can run over, so with this in mind we usually say am (8am – 12pm) or pm (12pm – 6pm). We do offer a service which can help which is to call a mobile or land line by the engineer half an hour (or enough time you think you need) before the engineer arrives so you not tied down to long periods waiting for an engineer to arrive.

If there are any points you need more info on please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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