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Un-Vented hot water cylinders have so many fantastic benefits over traditional Vented cylinders as follows. 

  • The pressure and water flow form all the hot and cold outlets in your house. With having no cold water stored in a storage tank (usually in your loft) to feed your bath, showers and hot water outlets means that all of your outlets are fed direct from your cold mains to your property.
  • As above by removing the need for a CWST (cold water storage tank) removes a lot of the risks associated with with stored water, mostly ensuring there is no unused stagnant water, reducing the risk of contamination from air borne partials, insects, birds and rodents. Most installs of CWST’s that are un-monitored and not regularly checked are at risk of some sort of failing.
  • Due use to the need for a pressure reducing valve installed on the cold mains supply allows the use of balanced water to all the outlets with in the house adding safety to the use of mixer taps and mixer showers.
  • Un-vented cylinders can come in many different sizes and also can be installed in banks of cylinders for larger properties and commercial use but they also can come with a many different types and amounts of heating elements, from electric only with multiple immersion elements for flats or hair dressers, or single indirect coils heated by a heating boiler like Oil, Gas, LPG or a renewable appliance or a combination of all of the above. One of the most popular additions to a Un-Vented cylinder with 1 heating coil and single immersion is an additional coil to be connected to thermal solar panels dramatically reducing the running costs of producing your hot water.

A very important part of having installed, using and maintaining an Un-Vented cylinder is insuring that it is installed as per manufactures instructions and that the installer is qualified with the G3 certification as we hold. If not your installation may not only have NO warrantee but your also putting your house and family at risk.

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