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Our Standard Terms and Conditions are set out below.

All parts and materials supplied / supplied and installed to remain the property of Oil Gas Safe UK Ltd until paid for in full.

Payment terms: non account customer on completion of work/account customer within 28 days of invoice date.

All debris and waste will be removed from site and the area will be kept clean and free from debris.

The quoted works include the value of any reclaimed items or scrap removed from site.

This work will not be contracted out and will be carried out be Oil Gas Safe UK employees.

We cannot be held responsible for extension to quoted works whether it be from other trades holding our works up or due to unforeseen weather conditions that may occur.

We therefore reserve the right to add additional charges as per our standard tariff charges and this will be notified to you the client as soon as practicably possible. These are available upon request.

The relevant Health & Safety Policies and rules will be followed at all times.

The site ASBESTOS register will be read and signed before any intrusive works are carried out, if a asbestos register is not available any suspect materials will sent off to be analysed and a report produced. The costing for this Asbestos analysis will be agreed for before it/they are sent away. PLEASE NOTE that any suspect materials that are not identified may prolong or in some certain instances may seize all works on site. If this is the case we reserve the right to invoice for any materials installed /delivered to site and labour & costs up to that point. The client will always be made aware of any arising issues as and when they arrive.

Within any of our quoted or non quoted works we have covered for what has been seen but not the unforeseen, example, we cannot be held responsible for failed joints, pipe work or fittings of any type / position / location that are existing and pre-installed.
Once again please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or queries or wish for me to clarify any points.