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Power Flushing must not be mistaken for filling and dropping the heating system. There is a massive difference between filling the heating system and leaving it running for a few hours to a number of weeks depending on the type of system cleaner used, and carrying out a full chemical power flush of your system  

Whilst the cleaner being used may be a good cleaner it can only do so much. If the system has had cleaner running through it the down fall in this is when the system is drained as only a percentage of the dirt / debris will be removed.

This is because you are relying on gravity to push the water out of the system through the drain off valves and where as you will remove some of the contaminated / dirty water there are always many low spots in the system, pipe work and the lower part of the radiators themselves. So when the system is re-filled this contamination /dirt is picked back up again to mixed with the new clean water that will be running through the system again. This option may be dramatically cheaper than carrying out a power flush but is has such a lesser effect in carrying out a complete cleanse.

NOW POWER FLUSHING this should give you a clue in the name it’s self. 

When you carry out a power flush correctly there is never an opertunity for the contamination / dirt to collect in the low points of the system as the system water is constantly being move through the system at a high velocity so when the dirty water is ran off to a drain, the clean water that is used to flush through the system stays clean and all the dirt is removed.

On the initial clean / cleanse it may be necessary to use a rubber mallet to lightly tap and disturb the collected debris and allow the cleaning agent and water to completely remove all the old system debris.

Power Flushing is not something that should NOT be done by a novice. All though the principal of Power Flushing is straight forward enough, there are so many combinations of the ways in which the machine and connected pipe work can be set up. If the connections and use of the machine is not used correctly the flush may be a waste time and money and in some instances put you system in a worse position than it was before.

Choosing Oil Gas Safe to carry out your power flush is a choice well made. We have the equipment to show you the dirt and restrictions inside your radiators before we flush, and then can prove that the dirt that was there before is gone with the use of our “TESTO” Thermal Imaging Camera that can show in surprisingly clear detail the movement of the heated water with in the system.

We also use a “TDS” meter (Totally Disolved Solids) which can measure the dissolved solids (dirt) within the heating system water, so this can be compared to the heating system water after the flush and also the TDS reading of the cold mains water used to re-fill the system so you have a true comparison of the cleanliness of the heating system water after the flush is completed.

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